Friday, February 19, 2010


When I try to write something, my head will come with so many ideas that were mostly irrelevant.  Maybe it's the effect of always being in front of computer, always multitasking?
Even when I open a browser, it has tabs.
I also use a smartphone that can multitasks, and the browser in my phone can also open multiple tabs.

I love technology. I really do. Especially when it works. But sometimes I couldn't help but think that it also has bring so many problem that never exist in oldie traditional way of doing things.

Thinking back of my habit of watching television, I think it's also reflecting the habit of multitasking. I usually watch more than one channel and keep switching between them. If there's really just one good program, I will bring my phone or other things to do.

Sure, multitasking is efficient and effective. However , I think it have bad effect of changing people way of thinking. But again, I know I won't stop multitasking because of it. The advantage just weighs much much more than the disadvantage.

I'm not trying to justify my random writing style, OK?
Yes, not trying to blame the technology of my own shortcoming.
Not at all.

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