Friday, February 26, 2010

Add Time Log to Notepad

I remember the time  when I had an internet connection which limit my usage to 15 hours (it doesn't as long time ago as it sounds, it’s just few months ago). If I use it more than that, I (well, to be exact, it’s my parent who have to pay) have to pay more. As I’m a good, kind-hearted, thoughtful, caring (insert all good characteristic here, haha!) child, I try to use it not more than 15 hours. So every time I browsed, I just type how much time I have used so I can limit my internet usage. But I have to type the date and time manually.
It turns out there’s a way to make notepad automatically add date and time.
  1. Open Notepad 
  2. Type .LOG 
  3. Save and exit
Diary Notepad
It will look like something showed in picture above. See how easy is that? Next time you open the notepad, it will automatically type the date and time.

You can use it as handy diary if you want. I still don’t know what’s the use for me now but knowing there’s such a great easy hack kind of make me feel happy and sad at the same time. Happy because it’s great, sad because I don’t know about it when I need it, when I know it, I don’t need it anymore. Life is sure great.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kapersky Antivirus 2010 Free License

kav2010_eng_big EDIT: At Computelogy, they have removed the the e-mail and subject because of request. And I also respect the request, so I won't post the way to get it here.

There’s a promotion of Kapersky Antivirus 2010 6-months license for free. Don’t worry, it’s a legal one, not a cracked one. Head over to Computelogy to read how to get it. It’s easy to get. And I truly recommended it. Even if you pay for the license, it’s only gives you one year license. So, it’s a great promotion. 6 months is good enough, I think.
Kapersky Antivirus is one of the best paid antivirus. I’m using Avast 5 Free right now. But I’m taking the license just in case.
Oh yeah, if you want to get much information about free promotional software, subscribe to Computelogy. Usually, they got great stuff.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Google and Technology Downside

Google before you tweet is the new think before you speak. Ever heard or read this saying? Yeah, I also found it coincidentally.

Even though this saying is not applicable in all part of the world (it only applies to country that can easily enjoy full web experience and country that uses Twitter), it still makes me think. Google is a powerful thing or dead-being. When I first learn and use about internet, first thing that I open is Google. You can almost search practically anything you want. Even things you never knew that it even exists in the internet.

But replacing 'think' with 'Google'? With Google you don't think except of thinking the keyword. Sure, you learn by researching in Google, but somehow I think it's not good for brain. Soon, people need to remember nothing because ''I can just Google it''. Nowadays, I don't even have to remember my friends phone number and birthday. It is written in their Facebook.

Getting information has never been easier. Any people with internet connection can have a research with any kind of topic. It can even be accessed by cheap phone that have browser. No wonder people call this age as Information age. Call it scepticism, call it pessimism, but that's it. Like I've said before, technology brings major advancement and with it, it brings problem.

I really hope the day won't come when idiots who know nothing before they Google it make up for most population of the world.

Friday, February 19, 2010


When I try to write something, my head will come with so many ideas that were mostly irrelevant.  Maybe it's the effect of always being in front of computer, always multitasking?
Even when I open a browser, it has tabs.
I also use a smartphone that can multitasks, and the browser in my phone can also open multiple tabs.

I love technology. I really do. Especially when it works. But sometimes I couldn't help but think that it also has bring so many problem that never exist in oldie traditional way of doing things.

Thinking back of my habit of watching television, I think it's also reflecting the habit of multitasking. I usually watch more than one channel and keep switching between them. If there's really just one good program, I will bring my phone or other things to do.

Sure, multitasking is efficient and effective. However , I think it have bad effect of changing people way of thinking. But again, I know I won't stop multitasking because of it. The advantage just weighs much much more than the disadvantage.

I'm not trying to justify my random writing style, OK?
Yes, not trying to blame the technology of my own shortcoming.
Not at all.