Monday, December 20, 2010


Too sudden, too fast
Happened just in the blink of eyes

And it shouldn’t go like this
NO, the plot is all amiss
Yet like a bad written stories, it is
It is

And it's the best I can do
I'm sorry if it still hurt you
I've tried my best
Because you don't deserve any less

Ah, maybe in different time and condition
In different light and position
.. but then, it probably won't happen

Maybe it's a lesson
About what, I have no single vision

Not when everything is a mess
Not when the paint and pain are fresh

At least not today, not in this time, not now

Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanks for the Early Christmas Present, Avast!


This is the second time I won something in whole of my short life (the first honour goes to Simpati SIM Card which I don’t know the whereabouts now).

So long and thanks for fish, PC Tools Firewall Plus. Our time was sweet, but I’ve found something better. Open-mouthed smile

For anybody who is wondering, I won Avast! Internet Security license. And for the sake of everybody wondering what I do to win (and I don’t mind giving Avast! free promotion Smile),  I take part in the Avast! winter quiz.

Go to this page to take part. Throughout the December (which means from 1-31 December), there will be (very easy) questions and the first 100 person who give right  answer will win one Avast! Internet Security license which is valid for one year.

The only obstacle in this quiz? Avast! will post question at uncertain times. Which means you and I don’t know when the question will be out. The only thing you can do is check the page as frequently as possible.

Other than that? No catch. Answer the question, and if you are lucky, you win.

Again, thanks, Avast! for the lovely present.