Thursday, August 5, 2010

Coma -- An Unique Artistic Game

Hi, all. At least I'm updating this blog after what seems like forever. It's not I'm abandoning this blog, but more like my energy is sucked by university. With a super-powered 'energy-sucker'.

Well, anyway, now I have a short break and managed to find something worthy enough to share, I want to share one of the most unique game I've ever played. Not that I'm a gamer, there are only few old games that I bothered to finish (in the past, 3 or 4 years ago?). But lately I'm trying to find some light, casual games, and the best option is web flash game. No need to install anything and just try. Those games can only keep me for 2 days, in maximum, before I leave them, though.

Anyway, back to the game I want to introduce. The title of this game is 'Coma', and the explanation of the game stated that it happens in the subconscious mind of our character, named Pete. The playing of the game is quite simple. Just use arrow key to move the character and use mouse to click when there is conversation. And what makes it unique? All I can say is the graphic is simple but beautiful, together with the music, it creates some sort of fantasy, artistic place. Definitely my favorite kind.

The gameplay itself is... nothing much (for the lack of better term). You just walk and talk until an event happens, before you can continue. Sometimes it can get frustrating because all you can hope for the guidance is some sort of weird logic, and with a bit of luck, some random trying should get you to unlock the next event. The other characters, will give you items and advice as you meet them or do something for them. The advice can be very vague, and they only said it once. But again, some random trying and weird logic will get you fine.  The game is very short, I finished it in 15 minutes and I guess you should finish it in less than half an hour. 

What makes it truly beautiful, though, are the metaphors. It feels more like an interactive story that is full of metaphors. Even at the end of the game, it left me with a confused state. What exactly the game means? Some people try to interpret the meaning and there are some that make sense. I guess that is one of the beauty of surreal  art. You can interpret it how you like, as long as it makes sense. It  left me with some sort of weird feeling, though. Not sad, not happy, it is like when you see something beautiful, you want to see more, but it has ended.

Yup, if you are confused about what I'm spouting about, just play the game. It will be worth your time. And here is some screenshot. Play it here.

This is the start of the game. See that little guy over there? He/It is our character, Pete.

And this is one of the artistic outside world, the music here is nice. It's like someone is crying.

And this is one of the dark place. And for the curious one, the writing of the wall is "Wake up Pete", which the meaning has several interpretation.