Friday, February 26, 2010

Add Time Log to Notepad

I remember the time  when I had an internet connection which limit my usage to 15 hours (it doesn't as long time ago as it sounds, it’s just few months ago). If I use it more than that, I (well, to be exact, it’s my parent who have to pay) have to pay more. As I’m a good, kind-hearted, thoughtful, caring (insert all good characteristic here, haha!) child, I try to use it not more than 15 hours. So every time I browsed, I just type how much time I have used so I can limit my internet usage. But I have to type the date and time manually.
It turns out there’s a way to make notepad automatically add date and time.
  1. Open Notepad 
  2. Type .LOG 
  3. Save and exit
Diary Notepad
It will look like something showed in picture above. See how easy is that? Next time you open the notepad, it will automatically type the date and time.

You can use it as handy diary if you want. I still don’t know what’s the use for me now but knowing there’s such a great easy hack kind of make me feel happy and sad at the same time. Happy because it’s great, sad because I don’t know about it when I need it, when I know it, I don’t need it anymore. Life is sure great.

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