Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Adding Keyboard Language

In my daily life, I usually use more than one language. I can say I’ve been living in multilingual culture and I’m thankful for that. In my hometown, I mostly use Indonesian and some Chinese language with my friends and family while I use English in internet while now in Malaysia I mostly use English and Mandarin and listen to Cantonese (I can only speak little, and I mean really little Cantonese). It’s funny and quite entertaining and sometimes feels weird.

Anyway, the important part is I need more than one input option. I’ve been wanting to search for way for it, but laziness beats me. So, when I found post of How-To Geek that shows me how to do it, it’s like Heaven sent gift. My overflowing RSS feeds in Google Reader is worth it just because of some great posts like those.
Basically, in Windows Vista and 7, adding Asian keyboard language is really easy. You just have  to tinker with the Control Panel a little. This is how I add Chinese in Windows 7, but the basic idea for Vista and other language should be there.

Start > Control Panel > Change keyboards and other input methods > Change keyboards >

Add language

You should arrive in some place like in the screenshot. From there, click Add… and add language you want. For some shortcut to change language, go to Advanced Key Settings tab. As you can see from the image, I choose Chinese Simplified Quan Ping because in my opinion, it’s the easiest Chinese input to use.

In Windows XP, adding the Asian language is a little bit more complicated. Head to the full post of How-to Geek to see the full screenshot and How-to.

Happy Geek-ing!

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