Saturday, October 9, 2010

Small Things. Big Things.

Small things can make big difference. Yes, this saying is overused, cliché, and overall, boring. Who wants to do small things? Everybody (including me) wants to do great things. But of course, some great things can only be achieved by being faithful in doing small things. (sounds familiar? No? Read bible more clip_image001)

Today, I took a journey to KL, Malaysia, because my semester break is almost over. And when I arrived at my house, everything is (*is*, I haven’t really clean it up) filled with fungi and dust. And I tell you, it’s a pretty bad combination when you have just taken physical toll (taking two hours boat, five hours bus, walks with heavy luggage, total ten hours journey from where I leave home to when I arrived) and mental load (disappointed with friends that suddenly change their trip date).

At night, I feel truly exhausted. Sad, too (this is for another post, if someday I find it worth posting). I really just want to curl up and sleep everything off (which is just running away from the real problem). But just a few message on Facebook, few calls to my hand phone and I felt better. Much better.

See, this is the power of little things. I’m not usually this emotional or so easy to cheer up. (Maybe it’s ‘that’ time of the month?)

Most of the time, you never know what little things you do, means really much to that person. Do what you can (because even this, is already not easy).

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