Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thinkers, do more. Doers, think more.

The_ThinkerSometimes, I wonder what happens if I just live by the edge. Break the rules (not the laws) to achieve my goals. Yes, part of me, part of the imaginative, romantic and melancholic me wonder. 

As a cautious person and a thinker, I try to be more daring, but first, I try to ‘do’ more and reduce ‘think’. It’s hard; not impossible but definitely hard (and you know where I stand in optimistic and pessimistic scale by this statement). Doesn’t mean I don’t try, though. Starting from small, tentative steps, I try to be not so cautious. Again, it’s hard (what, with the Anime/manga, novels, movies that always show the downfall of the great villain is mostly caused of being careless). It also sucks that to improve yourself, to achieve great things, the formula (that being repeated, repeated, and repeated again, almost like a mantra) is always one: process. Forget all the fairy tales you ever heard, there are never fairy god mother or magical potion that helps you to become someone great. It’s all about process. Repeat after me: it’s all about process.

In my opinion, if you want to achieve something, anything big, you must be either very brave or stupid. Preferably both. And I can honestly says I am many things, but definitely not brave, nor stupid. I’m cautious (which sometimes overlap with the word ‘coward’) and smart (book-smart, not street-smart, sadly).

That is why, I try. Not to change who I am, rather, to improve myself.

What about you? Are you reckless or cautious? Are you thinker or doer? Try to balance both of both of them (and no, both of both is not typo, probably grammatically wrong, though), try to use them in right place and right time -- which is easier to say, or type, for that matter -- than do. You will be impressed with what that little (but, again, hard to do) changes do to the course of your life.

Think about it (and yes, do what you need to do).

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