Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Writing :Passion and Necessity

writing-center The thing  I am currently in love with (or has it been like this for my whole life?) is reading. It opens completely strange, alien, new world. It satisfies my thirst of knowledge and curiosity. It gives power, direction, and certainty. All of those may sounds too good to be true, but it is true. That is why I am really thankful being born in an age when internet is mainstream. I can read practically anything I ever want to read. Not even sky is the limit.

But sometimes after reading so much, I cannot help but feel the information floating on (or should be in?) my brain. As long as my brain is active, it always search for more information. That is why I write. Just to let it out. Try to tidy up my mental information repository into something more structural, more making sense and maybe, more accessible if someday I ever need it. 

I've always been an introverted person. And based on my Enneagram personality, I am a true loner. Sure, I enjoy going out, but solitary time always have a special place in my heart. And being an introverted person, I cannot just express my feelings and thought anytime to anybody. Not that I think anyone will ever bothered by some rants that hardly makes sense, anyway.

Writing gives me the freedom to let my feeling out. I can express myself as much as I like. While I truly love to read, writing is some mixture of passion and necessity. As much as I enjoy writing, sometimes I do it just because I have to. It doesn't really matter if nobody read it because I think I mostly do it for my sanity. Of course, if somebody reads it and enjoys it, it is big bonus. Kind of like food if seen by this perspective.

Another thing, writing can be done in my own pace. I mean I can plan, type, edit or even delete paragraphs that doesn't fit in easily; while if I talk, I need to do all of it at once. And I always enjoy everything that can be done in my own pace. It is good and bad at the same  time, like many things are.

So, this post may sounds pointless to you, and I believe it is mostly true. But like I said, I do it mostly for myself. Well, I just hope that someday I could write interesting and useful posts or anything. Someday..

I never write post in paper. Mostly in my phone and then I will edit it with my laptop (two of my beloved possession :D). So, that picture just to make it looks good. :)

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