Friday, May 14, 2010

I think, life is....

Sometimes, I think, life is just like a dream. I hold on to it, live it, just to open my eyes and realize it's just a mere dream. A figment of my subconscious imagination. Sometimes, it's a nightmare, a bad dream. Sometimes, it's too good to be true. Sometimes, it's just plain weird, queer and seems impossible.

Sometimes, I think, life is just like an adventure journey. I set out without understanding where is my destination, and I only get the glimpse of it through the journey. Sometimes, I just get stranded when the storm comes, and set out  when the sea calms down. Sometimes, it's my decision to stay in an island. To learn, rest, or just fool around. Sometimes, the crews and the passengers change without I having the opportunity to say hi and know them more. Sometimes, I met a complete stranger and just clicked, and we become good friend. And then comes the parting.

Sometimes, I think, life is just like a computer game. A must-play even I'm unwilling, annoying, without ability to 'save' the game, no replay option when game over, hard but rewarding game. And when I am stuck, all I can do is walk around and do some trivial things, hoping to unlock the next scene to move on. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Sometimes, life is just... life. I never sure that I know what life is all about. Sometimes I thought I get it, only to be hit by realization that I don't. Sometimes, what must I do, what decision must I make, what step should I take is as crystal-clear water. But sometimes, it's just as clear as the sewer water. Sometimes, I thought I find my life purpose and realize: while some things are worth it, some just don't. I don't know. Even until now, all I hope is: someday, all I have done, all I fight for is not completely useless.

I don't know why when I think about adventure journey, sailing comes to my mind. Effect of watching movies, reading comics and novels? Maybe.

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