Monday, May 10, 2010

Subjective View: Lord of The Rings

Finally finished reading all the series of Lord of the Rings. It's kind of late, I know, but as the saying goes; better be late than none at all, right?

Actually that kind of book is not my type, it illustrates much about the surrounding with many unique vocabularies I never heard of and thus, needs strong power of imagination. I don't really mind about the illustrating part, but the plot of the story can be slow.

Why read it if I don't really like it? Honestly, first I read it just because many great developing writers recommend it. Which kind of makes sense since such creative writers must have a great imagination and admiration to the usage of the beautiful words. Not me, though. I need full concentration just to read it.

So, everyday I just read it to pass waiting time, or to make my eyes tired enough to sleep. But as I read on, I found that I fell in love with it. In love with the words, the development of the story and curious how things will end. 

It takes long time to finish it and the ending part is quite sad (for me), although not many main characters died. No, not the death thingy sad ending, but more on the parting of friends that cross the roads together once. I guess it reminds me much about my friends.

All in all, I can say it is a great must-read series of book. Especially if you are a writer of any kind. Read it, enjoy it and learn from it. It will be worth it.

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