Monday, January 11, 2010

Name Meaning

It's a time for some more useful website. I found these websites when I'm browsing. Just like usual.

Anyway, I just typed 'name meaning' in Google and clicked the first website that appeared and it's It's quite complete (because I found my name there ;P) and I found Rudy comes from Rudolph which means 'Famous Wolf'.

But name-meanings does not really accurate (or so I believe) when it comes to Biblical names. So, I typed another keyword, 'Biblical name meaning' and found It's complete with it's Hebrew writing (which i can't read at all) and where it's comes from.

I've learned some Hebrew names meaning by reading the website.  Names which started in 'Abi' means 'my father' and names ends with '-el' usually means God.

Both of the websites have some more features but I won't explain it here. If you want, go yourself to have a look! It will be an educative and useful way to kill time.

Now, you know what your name meaning and Biblical name meaning, right?

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