Friday, January 15, 2010

Google Chrome Beta

Got time to check this (not quite) new browser. Yeah, it's Chrome (read the title of the post, genius!). I've heard of it for a long time and give it a short play already but I'm not really interested at that time. Let me explain, Mozilla Firefox best feature is it's enormous number of extensions (or add-on) that gives the users power to set it according to their need.

When I first heard Chrome can also be installed with extensions, I'm not really interested. I thought it's just a small number of extension. Another problem is I'm really lazy to move all of my bookmarks from Mozilla.

So, today when I'm just browsing about nothing in particular, I found out that there is add-on that can be used for synchronizing bookmarks. One problem solved, so I thought of giving Chrome a chance (even without extensions).

And it's a pleasant surprise to find out that most (if not all) of my favorite add-on can be installed in Chrome. Basically, two that I can't live without is FastestFox and StumbleUpon. FastestFox because it can load next page without the need of click (yeah, just laziness) and StumbleUpon because it's a great tool to browse and find new interesting website. One of great and complete site to find about Chrome extensions is Google Chrome Extensions.

So, I officially decided to make Chrome my default browser. Now the problem is solved, let's talk about the advantage of Chrome compared to Firefox. First, it's prettier. Yeah, prettier. It may not exactly a deal breaker or something really important but it's undeniable Google's good software comes with great interface. Just look at Chrome and Picasa and you'll see what I mean. Another advantage that is quite important is I found that Chrome is slightly faster than Firefox.

That's it. The only extension that I can't find is only Colorful Tabs. What a pity. It's a simple extension but very useful when you like to open so many tabs like me. But anyway, that didn't stop Chrome to be better browser than Firefox or at least in my opinion.

So, what do you think? I really recommended Chrome as browser (especially if you still use Internet Explorer).

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