Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Updating E63 Firmware

Nokia E63 firmware has been updated to v400.21.013. To update the software, use the Nokia Software Updater. It won't install on Windows 7 except if you change the program compability in Vista or XP.

After I've resolved above problem, I've managed to update and re-install all of my must-have software in an hour. The annoying part is to set my phone so it can read (and hopefully) write Chinese character. I've managed to make my phone to do the read part in my precious 2.5 hour *sigh* using ZTA4 . It can also write the Chinese character but only in Text Message and program like Handy Calendar (this I don't understand. Not at all). I can't even write the Mandarin in the built-in note and Dictionary which are the program that I want to use to write the Chinese character. What, Nokia? Even 3rd party software can utilize the Chinese writer and your built-in program don't?

Oh well.. I'll try again later if I have time (and the mood ;))

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