Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm Going Home

Today (well, today in the sense of when I'm writing this) is Monday, 14 December 2009. This date may not mean much to you and me. It just a testament how fast time goes by. I remember the date I'm coming to Malaysia is 3 October which means I've been more than two months. Really, time just flew by, I don't even realize the day I'm going back to my hometown is getting nearer. I'm going home in 5 more days!! Yuhuu!!

Sure, the first month when everything haven't been settled is an experience I hope I never have to repeat. But when assignment begins to roll and internet connection is here to sweeten everything, time just fly by. Life is still troublesome but have been better, much much better than when I first arrived. There are times that I just hope I never come to Malaysia but it's not like regretting will produce anything but worsen the situation. So I decided just to 'calculate one step ahead while taking one step' like in one of my favorite Chinese proverb says.

Anyway, I'm really excited to go back. Maybe because this is the first time I'm leaving home for long time and this is also the first time I go back. I can finally meet familiar faces especially my parents, sister and precious friends. When I haven't go to Malaysia, I don't even know I'll miss them this much. I know what it means to be homesick now. Ah well, the day is getting nearer and nearer and it just make me happy thinking of go back!

the structure in this writing is completely messy, huh? I was never good in arranging anything so just bear with me

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