Monday, November 30, 2009

Budget Intel Processor

For computer processor, there's only two big company, which is Intel and AMD. But the processor they manufacture comes with so many names and geeky terms that even after I've done quite reading, I'm still confused.

That being said, I can say some conclusions if you are searching for Intel processor:

  1. If you are NOT gamer who needs to run the latest and heavy game, settle for Core 2 Duo. It's currently the best in terms of power, energy consumption and price.
  2. If you are in tight budget, go for Pentium Dual Core (sometimes called as Core Duo)
  3. If you are in a real tight tight budget, choose Celeron, but from what I'm reading, at least settle for Dual Core except ,well, you are really in tight budget.
But of course, if you just use your laptop for browsing, playing light resource game, use Words and Excel and some basic computing, it doesn't really matter because which processor you choose. All modern processor is more than able to support it.

For AMD? Wait until I've done more research. ;)

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