Wednesday, November 4, 2009


So, welcome to this blog (for you and myself) . As this is my first post, I guess a basic introduction about this blog is necessary. I planned to write about technology (more about Nokia smartphone - which I've used most - and computer) and my thought in general. But it is a plan, and things never go according to plan, so let's just see it later.

I wanted to end this post at the first paragraph, but it seems so short, so let's continue. I am in university taking Computing course. But don't think I'm great in computer or anything. I take the course because I have interest in technology. I just like to do things as efficient as possible. Technology enables us to do it and we always meet technology in our daily life. I like to read, not for the sake of reading but more for the sake of observing. My love for reading brought me to many great blog (mostly technology stuff) which inspired me to start my own blog.

So, once again, welcome!


  1. yo, am here!
    well, I thought your blog is, hahaha..

    Full support, here!

    your sis