Friday, April 1, 2011

Perfect Answer

Photo: Just because I can by Listener42

I was thinking about perfect answer (Nah, who am I trying to kid? I'm just bored and pretending to be creative, or depressed and slowly succumbing to tempting and seductive madness. I prefer the dramatic latter version, so that's my official story), and while it's not perfect (perfection is so overrated, anyway), I think I came close.

And the answer, ladies and gentlemen, the great result of hard thinking with sleep-deprived brain and boredom-induced mind is..

Just because I can.

And any variations you might think of.

Don't you see? It came close to answer any stupid question any idiotic intuitive vain mortal thrown at you.

Wait, wut? What do you mean you are not impressed? No, no, no, don't go yet, I'll show you some awesome scenarios.

Why do you wake up early? Just because I can.

Why do you fail your test? Just because I can!!!

Hey, why do you snatch my dinner? Just because I can. Got problem with that, huh, punk?!

Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! Why did you explode the whole freaking city?!??! Just.. because.. I.. cannnn!!! Muahahahahahahaha!!!!1!1!!

Maniacal Laugh

Yeah, laugh like this.

Maniacal Laugh by Eebil-Bob

See? I told you, you would see it my way.

Of course, answers like “I don’t know” or even plain old *shrug* that is used invariably by teens and preteen throughout the world may also achieve the same effect. But hey, “just because I can” shows that you *can* do it and prefer not to, which is waay cooler than admitting you don’t know.

Besides, when you answer maniacally, people tend to leave you alone, which is the whole purpose of ‘ultimate answer’, right? Right.

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