Saturday, February 5, 2011

Second Monitor?

I've been doing my assignments diligently with a little hint of maniacally, and after reading what Lifehacker editors show off in their daily tech usage, my first thought is: 'I'm jealous!!!',  followed by: 'Sigh. I need second monitor badly'.

Don't get me wrong, I love Coco very much. (My laptop is Compaq, and she's quite small, just 13", so I gave a feminine name to her. Yeah, I'm un-creative. Or not creative. Meh.) But as I said, she is just a teeny 13-inch. When I'm doing my assignment , the switches between document, compiler, browser are not just annoying, they are distracting. Bleh.

The first thing that stopping me to buy it, is of course, money. You may argue it's not really expensive and you will be correct. But the second and more important reason is, I know time of the year when I really need a second monitor is every 6 month, which is when the deadline of the assignment is oh so near.

I just hope  I can seal a deal (and it rhymes!) with my friend's old laptop (more to it if I succeed, pray for me!). Or you could be more generous and buy for me one?  Ah, well, I probably should be doing my assignment rather than daydreaming. (technically speaking, or should be technically typing, it's night, but well..)

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