Friday, April 8, 2011


To rediscover yourself. That's one of the best thing that ever happen to men, if Myles Kennedy and Jason Mraz are any indication.

I found it quite staggering. Both men are two of my favourite musician and singer in the world. You can just felt it when listening to their song, they don't just sing, it's more like they pour their heart and soul out through songs. It’s what distinguish them from dozens of dozens rubbish singers out there.

When checking out Myles Kennedy profile, he's a guy who had risen from depression caused by hearing problem. For a born musician and singer (figuratively speaking, of course) like him, with music flows blood-vessel, printed in the DNA, hearing problem sounds (no pun intended) almost a death sentence. His life will never be the same, only not in a good way. How do I know? Well, just imagine the reason for you to wake up in the morning, and never be able to do it again, not in your whole life. No wonder his written song is so dark. But in spite of the overall darkness, what about him that really captivates me is: he sings with all his heart.

Then, Jason Mraz. His songs, oh his songs, totally in different level than others. Completely unique from most of the crap found in song billboard and sung by popular singers. Great songwriter, amazing musician, stunning singer, quirky personality, he got it all; all the ingredients that makes truly great artist stand out from others. And because I mostly listen to his fast-beat and creatively improvised live (his live songs is much more better, another trait that doesn’t shared with many artists) 'Tonight Not Again Live' album, it surprised me written in his biography that in 2006  he wants a break and suddenly rediscover himself (in Mraz’s own quirky way, I believe) after few months.

Both awesome men gets me thinking. It’s like a great person will always had a great experience. And after some pondering, I guess it’s quite logical and makes sense. Even after so long of a time, human’s greatest motivator is pain. Human will only change when the pain of not changing is greater than pain of changing (which means sometimes when you nag to become nuisance enough, maybe your boyfriend/husband will change, lol). Human do something, anything, only because the pain of not doing something is greater than doing.

Writers wrote not only because they want to, -- great writers, the best of the best, at least – they wrote and write because they have to. If they don’t write, they will be lost because that’s where their passion lies. The same goes with musician I guess. Real musician will never, ever really quit. That’s their reason to live.

So I guess my real question is: What a guy lacking a passion should do? What normal guys like us who didn’t have any life-altering event do? Wait for the so-called life-altering time to come? Live life by playing the ‘Let the nature takes it course’ card? It’s such a lame way to live at best and meaningless way of living at worst. And yet I know passion cannot be forced in the same way of love can’t; because passion, more or less, is love.

And that's another word worth thinking, wondering, pondering, day-dreaming: Passion.

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