Thursday, April 15, 2010

Stuck with ZTA4

Time to update! :)

For those who haven’t know, E63’s firmware firmware is being updated again to v410.21.010. It doesn’t take many hours to update and restore it to the previous beloved state because I just have to restore from back up file. The only thing that sadden me is I’ve lost my favourite author list that I bookmarked to Opera Mini 4 and forgot to sync. And I don’t really find any noticeable effect, too.

Anyway, it brought me another thought that I’m too lazy to care for some time . To write and read Chinese input with a cooler way (not by using ZTA4 -- which can not write Chinese in note, although it works in SMS). I found that it is possible to change the language pack, but it’s quite risky. And I couldn’t afford to brick my phone. The risk is just not worth it, although I’m very annoyed that I couldn’t do it.

Just for information, using ZTA4, it works, but awkwardly. I must open the application, Option, Switch Fep, and Choose ZTA4. Although I can write in SMS and then copy paste it to note, but like I said, it’s akward. And not cool. Not cool at all. If I succeed in changing (or succeed after taking the risk) the language pack.,I can just press Fn + Space and choose the writing language. Not to mention there is Predictive text (which I seldom use, but still).

Another way is using Psiloc Chinese Crystal, but it’s not a freeware. And I’m not paying almost 30 Euro just to be able to write Chinese.

Sigh. I’m stuck with ZTA4 and FontRouter again. But at least it’s better than none at all, right?

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