Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nokia C5, C6 and E5

Nokia has announced their latest Trio Messaging phone, Nokia C5, C6 and E5. If you Google for it, you can find so many websites that spread the news.

I don't want to copy the news, but basically C5 is S40 phone which have Wi-Fi, E5 is the successor of  E63 with biggest difference is 5 Megapixel camera and C6 is hybrid handset (combination of touchscreen and sliding QWERTY keyboard like N97 and N97 Mini).

While their specification is nothing to boast, what makes them really impressive is the estimated price. C5, E5, C6 will launch at  EUR 90, EUR 180, EUR 220 respectively. Compared that to E72's launch price EUR 350 and N97 Mini's EUR 450. It's half price, give or take. Nokia C5, EUR 80 and you got Wi-Fi. I'm amazed.

At least now, I can have some decent phone to recommend when someone asks my opinion of good budget phone (other than E63 and 5800, which I think are great budget phones). They are good value for money, really.

Head up to All About Symbian that compares the phone very well in a complete table and some great editorial insights.

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