Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Special Birthday? Surprisingly yes.



So, here I am, actually writing a real birthday post on my birthday for once. I started doing this ‘tradition’ or habit of writing a post regarding my birthday since I have a blog and I intend to honor my promise now.

And hey, no class and water is coming back after 3 days of fitful water. So for the first time of my birthday, I am actually thankful.


So, people always says 21 is the turning point, a time when a boy becomes mature and evolve (Pokemon?) to a man. I don’t particularly care.

I know for sure I am going to graduate soon. I am moving to a workplace environment soon. I will most probably move to another country soon. That seems like a much bigger milestone than a tiny teeny birthday.

..and I am scared. No, worried and anxious will be a better word. Worried, so un-sexy word.

I am going to give a testimony about how God has affect my decisions, and I really don’t know what to say. It’s sad; have I really never include God in my making decisions or those are just insignificant enough to be remembered?

I plan to rectify that. I don’t know how, but I guess as I try, God will help to figure out the rest.


Twenties is really the time of confusion. But it’s also been the best time of my life. And I really thank God for it.

And though I am really worried about the future, I am learning to trust God with it. So in a midst of worries, I am also excited what God has in plan for me.

Here hoping for a great future. With God, always with God, never forget that.

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