Saturday, February 25, 2012

In Logic, Faith and Everything in Between.

So many thoughts in my mind. Too lazy to process them all. That’s what I get for overworking my brain for days.

On the brighter side, my assignments all been submitted. On the not-so-bright side, most of them are half-assed and rushed. On the definitely not bright side, I almost finish my semester already. Why do time move so fast? Is he learning how to teleport already? Sorry, if it is lame. Hah, like I really care.

When I said in the last post that it feels like a year of challenge, I mean it only mentally. Brain, knowledge, self-development, those things that are definitely pale in comparison. What I don’t expect is the challenge of my spiritual life.

Ah, faith, you significant but yet often unnoticed, you magnificent little thing. You are the embodiment of my Achilles heel. I’ve been returning to the basic questions of faith. I’ve been using logic to examine faith.

But logic VS faith is always an interesting question. Does logic has a place in a religion? Can they go hand-in-hand or will they always oppose each other?

Maybe I’ve thinking about things that I can never hope to understand. To bite more than I can chew, figuratively and mentally.But we, the totally awesome INTP, are the truth-seeker. We don’t get the moniker for nothing.

And somehow I know, though I will always wish to have more faith, I will always continue to doubt and questioning. And that is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s the way of my growth. God will not give human logical ability if He don’t want us to use it.

But then again, the most resounding question that Jesus asked is: 

When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?

It will always be the question that comes back to me when I’m questioning God and faith and Christianity. Will I be one of those whom He can find faith in?

To close off, this post basically has written itself (writer cliché?). At first I just wanted to whine about how tired I am, but this is the result that come out. Maybe it’s my brain rebelling because I’ve push him too far.

And if this sounds depressing, well, I don’t care. Read at your own discretion, yo. Continue to grow. Live and learn.


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