Tuesday, January 3, 2012

RIP 2011 (2011-2011)

Happy new year!

Ah, new year: an excuse for excessive drinking, eating, party and unholy amount of money spent for a few minutes firework.

…which despite my complain, I still partake in the excessive eating and enjoy the fireworks. I am a hypocrite, alright.

But hey, if new year celebration gives me an excuse for holiday, I won’t complain so much (except in this blog, hah).

2011 had been truly fun, really. To be able to witness the change of an era, it was such an honour, a privilege.

Looking back, it seems my life always revolve around change, the transition of leadership. It worries me. I could almost conclude that God is preparing me for something. What something, I don’t know — I can only hope it’s not for leadership.

On another note, 2012 is not exactly the year I am looking forward to. It reads too much like a year of challenge; but despite my unwelcoming, here it is— waltzing in unfazed by my rudeness, like a boss.

Anyway, this post look like me complaining on my period, so let me close this post with a more positive outlook: here hoping for a great 2012!

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