Friday, July 1, 2011

Mystery Revealed.

Fear not! The awesome me is here to write more self-praising rambling and unimportant rubbish. You might wonder why I’m updating with so much zeal. Really?! 3 posts in less than 2 days?! I iz awesomez, no?!

I iz awesome!!! by I can haz cheezburger?

Wonder no more, the mystery will be revealed. Here, now, in a few seconds. Patience, son, to succeed you need to be patient. And have rich parents or lots a money. And be awesome.


The creative juice is flowing, the inspirations are so focused in this one very spot – my messy room or what I'd like to call organized-in-only-me-can-understand room, it’s like you can blindly grab words with ninja-like speed from the very air, squished them together and they will auto magically sync with the rest. It's like me and words are new BFF. Yeah, it’s all flower, rainbow, cookies and unicorns here. What do unicorn eat anyway? Flower or cookies? Or, heaven forbid, rainbow?!

Don't be fooled. Unicorns eat dream and hope. Image by Digrasian.

Truth to be told, it’s just combo of free time and The State. And I don’t have the heart to give those inspirational moments premature death by doing assignment. I’m not heartless, ruthless enough.

Or in another simple, single word: *ashamed whisper* procrastinating.

I will do my assignment, sure… eventually.

I really suck at time-management. I should be ashamed for myself. Maybe I should go cry and reflect on the corner with sad, angsty song as background music.

Just not now. Maybe later, or tomorrow, or I don’t know, when I feel like it?

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