Friday, May 6, 2011

Sick. No, not that kind of sick (which can be any kind of sick).

I’m sick. Not totally-unable-to-move from-bed or delirious fever but still, sick.

The weird thing is, I don’t even know the rebellion reasons of my own physical, worldly body. Normally, my body has proper and structured steps, rules and protocols (as befitting of one with respectable and high social status) for sickness (for someone who don’t usually follow rule, my body acted differently. Irony? Karma? Compensation?) :

  1. Tired
  2. Sneezing and phlegm-ing (anybody had better proper word?)
  3. Sore throat 
  4. Light fever 
  5. If doesn’t get enough sleep and rest, in this state, my body will throw tantrum with heavier fever

But today, my body (it’s awkward calling it ‘my body’, let’s call it The Body) goes from step one, and one night-sleep later, directly jump into step 3 in the morning and step 4 in the evening.

Has The Body caught up with my rebellious nature to rules? Does he want to break free from confining chain, restricting jail of one called Rule?

And yes, I’m halfway at step 5 now. What can I say? I find it easier when there is less voices in my head (I’m not crazy. …..I hope so), which usually only happen in rare occurrences of being sick and halfway stimulated brain tired.

Opportunity is opportunity. (Or just another excuse to sleep late. Heh.)

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