Monday, June 14, 2010

Best Free Antivirus (Windows)

If you are using Windows in your computer, no matter what version it is, you will have a very high chance of needing an antivirus. And I am is one of the many that finds it is ironic that people use cracked antivirus for the program that is supposed to protect their machine. 

Free doesn't have to be bad. There are many antivirus that has been tested and hold on their ground when pitted against their paying counterpart. Some antivirus company is even nice enough to give their free antivirus same engine as their premium/paying one but only stripped down of the bells and whistles. That being said, most of the free antivirus is more than enough for protecting your computer. The additional feature of the premium suites like firewall and sandbox can be easily replaced by other free software.

But with so many options out there, choosing a free antivirus can be a challenging task. So, I am going to introduce you to three of the best free antivirus that have been tested, used, and found reliable by many people who swear by them. 

This is the antivirus that I decided to stay in my laptop, a rare honor for  program of any kind. 

(+) Most fully featured free antivirus among the three
(+) Has the nicest UI with elegant effects.

(-) Detection rate is lower than Avira

It's consistently one of the free antivirus that tops the detection rate of free antivirus and even surpasses some of the paying ones.

(+) High detection rate

(-) While the UI is not ugly, it loses against Avast! and MSE
(-) The big ad pop-up is really annoying

While it is a new kid and bearing the (mostly bad) name of Microsoft, it's suprisingly a solid antivirus. One thing to be noted is: it can only used by a valid Windows (you cannot use it of you use cracked Windows).

(+) Has the simplest interface; easiest to use

(-) Simplistic interface also means lack of customization

All of the three above is great free antivirus. Great detection rates, low on resources and not complicated to use. As long as you update it regularly and have a safe computing habit, your computer should be pretty much virus-free.

Oh, and if you still confused which antivirus to choose, I will suggest you to try Avast! :)

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