Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Falls. The Rises.

Hey, yo. It’s been a long time; and though I promise myself no more sentimental post, I can feel the gate is opening and wave rushing in. There are two options: to ignore or to ride the wave for what it worth. And since I’ve decided to ignore for so long—far too damn long, so what the heck. Here I am, whether you (or me) like it or not.

Christian journey of faith is not always fun. I haven’t really been able to come to term to when people said ‘I have faith this would happen.’ When it did happen, it is taken as miracle; but when it didn’t, they give the equivalent mental shrug of ‘Well, God does thing in His mysterious way.’ It is almost painful (and envious I guess) to see blind faith at the finest.

And there are times—too many times—that we will fall. There are not many things that is more painful than seeing the careful effort you put being erased in that glorious fall. The slowdowns is annoying.

But falling is just another reminder how human we can be. And it’s alright, we are human afterall: made of flesh, made of blood. And while sitting on the proverbial ground waiting for the pain to subside, things can look much clearer in different perspective. Not necessarily brighter, just clearer.

Getting up is another interesting process. As comfy the ground is for a while, there will be time to move on. And the process will remind us again why it is worth it to spend effort to stand up and walk.

And fall that we may, we will rise up stronger. For if God is for us, it doesn’t matter who is against us.

Feel free to change the ‘we’ to ‘I’ if you disagree. I always hate to write in first-person. So that’s what you got. Heh.

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