Friday, November 4, 2011

A Single Post for Blog, A Giant Leap in Months

Yo, all. Finally an update. And trust me, this blog hasn't met its premature demise… yet. So I have speaketh and it shall be done according to my faith. Hah. I wish everything could be more like this. (oh me little faith!)

Does this mean I'm finally having too much time? No my dear friends, I am, in fact, having many things to do, things to ask, answers to reply, works to be done and tasks to be completed.

And yet.. And yet..

Such is life. (What a sad excuse for an excuse. On a brighter side, it's an excuse for me to use this awesome sentence. So there is still hope when everything seems so bleak, apparently.)

So yeah, I am just going to be busier and busier what with the Final Year Project and other commitments and duties to fulfil. I am still undecided whether this is good or bad. Somehow, I sense the answer to this dilemma will be the same as almost everything: well, it got its good and bad side.

And maybe I will write more.

..and maybe if I continue to convince myself it will be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Heh.

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